Bonus MP3: Kimberly -- "Sociopath"

On Monday, ex-Ghosthustler Noah Jackson's newest musical project LOVELIFE popped up on Hipster Runoff's The Alt Report. Read the full post here for a fine dose of humor, because in typical HRO fashion the site posed a barrage of rather genius questions like the puzzler: "Is LOVELIFE a new genre called 'Palomo-Rock' / 'post-Neon Indian Denton wave'?"

Jackson's not sure how The Alt Report heard about LOVELIFE, because he's only been working on the project for a couple of weeks.

"I don't know how that happened," he said by phone earlier this week. "The LOVELIFE thing is just for fun, and I was trying to be productive with it. But it is just for fun, and I posted a link to it on Facebook for my friends. But that's all the publicity that I've had for it."

Jackson says that he plans to have an EP of LOVELIFE material wrapped up soon, which means Jackson can shift his focus back to his other current recording project Kimberly.

A project that Jackson says he's spent the last six months working on, Kimberly reunites Jackson with fellow ex-Ghosthustler Shane English (of Corporate Park and formerly of The Undoing of David Wright). If the tracks streaming over on the act's MySpace are any indication, then Kimberly looks to be a promising collaboration with plenty of post-chill-wave-era legs.

After the jump, check out the MP3 for "Sociopath," which Jackson was kind enough to send along for us to share with our readers.  


Bonus mp3:

Kimberly -- "Sociopath"

Kimberly -- "Sociopath"

"Sociopath" is a great shoegazey track seeped in that great 80's melodramatic sound. If you like it, make sure to surf over to the band's MySpace page for a streaming version of "No Liberation." And, thankfully, Jackson and English hope to have Kimberly's first EP ready for a summertime release.

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