Bonus MP3: Leg Sweeper -- "Sexy Weekend"

Leg Sweeper's Taylor Stolly and Justin "Boots" Gomez never meant to become a Dallas band. The former Houston-based act came to Dallas on a roundabout mission to make their way to becoming an Austin band. Their reasons for stopping? To visit the Dallas-raised Stolly's family, to find some work to get some quick cash in their pockets and to maybe catch a gig or two in the process.

But the reception the two found upon their arrival? Well, it kind of blew them away. And rightfully so. The band's in-your-face performances, which feature Stolly's impressive drumming--while singing, no less--and Gomez's frenetic guitar play, made fast fans of pretty much anyone who caught their early Dallas shows.

And in return, these days, you won't find a pair of dudes more excited about what's brewing in the North Texas music scene. Says Stolly: "For the first time in my life of growing up and living in dallas there is an actual 'feeling' in the air in and around the Dallas music community."

His band's always friendly demeanor's been a big part of that. So, too, has it's undeniably catchy, endlessly enjoyable songs. Currently, the band is in the process of wrapping up its debut EP. After the jump, the band gives us a taste of "Sexy Weekend," a simple enough song that you just won't be able to stop humming along with in your head--long after it's done playing, even. Check it out.

Bonus mp3:

Leg Sweeper -- "Sexy Weekend"

Existing somewhere between early Weezer and new Wavves, we're expecting big things from this duo down the road. And, yes, that's exactly why we asked them to open our DOMAXXII awards show (which they effin' killed, by the way).

Catch the band next on Thursday, September 2, at The Cavern.

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