Bonus MP3: LehtMoJoe -- "Move Pt. 2 (feat. Anonymous)"

Tonight's the big night for Grand Prairie native Vincent Sliva, aka LehtMoJoe, where he'll host his free, debut CD release party over at the Granada with some help from his friends Mount Righteous, and Anonymous????, DJ Select and Free Agent.

In addition to marking the release of Leht's Spaghetti Western album, the event, called the Gimme Da Gold party, also marks the performance debut of the solo, original material from LehtMoJoe, an artist previously mostly known for his production and remix work.

As you read in this week's paper, the move to host this free party in such a big space is a risky one for a relative unknown like Sliva, but, a bold one nonetheless. of course, it helps that Sliva's brought some recognizable names along for the show. And it helps that Sliva's material should keep things interesting once the party starts.

After the jump, a downloadable sample of Leht's Spaghetti Western material, a song featuring Anonymous???? called "Move pt. 1," which Leht describes as "a melding of hip-hop and dance/electro, now with lower sodium."

Bonus mp3:

LehtMoJoe -- "Move Pt. 2 (feat. Anonymous)"

Dunno about the sodium, but as for the rest of Leht's description, I'd say he's spot-on.

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