Bonus MP3: Mount Righteous -- "Licorice Nights"

There's power in numbers. (Brian Harkin)

This is it--I swear. I'm not gonna bore you with any more incessant Mount Righteous love...well, OK, after this one last post.

See, the band just gave me permission to post another track of their on this here blog. (I wanted one to coincide with the piece I wrote on them for the print edition this week).

So here's "Licorice Night," which is, by my estimation, the best track on the disc. It's a beautiful song, grabbing basic pop elements (uh, "Lollipop" much?) and harmonies and infusing those with the energy that only an 11-person choir can. And, actually, it might be the most mature piece of writing on the disc--lyrics about cupcakes and licorice aside--because of how many different parts you can break the song into. I counted five. Maybe six?

I dunno, just grab it already. You'll dig. It, like everything else Mount Righteous does, is adorable.

Bonus mp3:

Mount Righteous -- "Licorice Nights"

Mount Righteous -- "Licorice Nights"

Anyone else suddenly filled with a burning desire to play a round of Candy Land? --Pete Freedman

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