Bonus MP3: Mount Righteous -- "Sing to Me, Tiffany"

It's been almost a year-and-a-half, if you believe it, since Mount Righteous first (quite adorably) burst onto the local scene, immediately charming area music fans with its clever, punk-ish, acoustic, marching band-ish and ever-cheerful sound.

Of course, that was just the live show, though.

'Cause, you'll surely recall, we dug on the full-length debut from the band, too, called When The Music Starts--for my money, a top five area release in 2008. Which is why, probably quite predictably, there was something of a heartswell 'round these parts when an email arrived announcing the upcoming release of the collective's next output, a five-song EP called Open Your Mouth.

Though self-recorded by the band this time around, Mount Righteous again handed the mixing duties for this effort over to area studio marvel John Congleton, who (again) produced a fine live-sounding replication of the band's sound. After the jump, a sampling from the new, highly anticipated disc--the fourth track on the album, "Sing to Me, Tiffany," which the band has been kind enough to offer DC9 readers as a free stream and download.

Bonus mp3:

Mount Righteous -- "Sing to Me, Tiffany"

Now a 10-piece, the band boasts a whopping nine alumni for its project (under his new moniker of Har Herrar, former member Justin Spike has put out one of our favorite discs of 2009; former members Casey Colby and Clint Parker, meanwhile, are doing some really interesting folk-pop things under the name Disco:Hate), but still manages to maintain its original charm, thanks, one imagines, to the stability of those who've stuck around--Joey Kendall, Kendall Smith, Derek Terry, Allison Wenban, Zicole Marxen and Mason Ponder. or so it seems based off this early leak.

Find out for sure, when the new EP sees its release on Friday, September 25.

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