Bonus MP3: Novaak -- "Marnie"

Tomorrow night, the normally alt-country vibes of City Tavern will turn decidedly electronic as the venue hosts a quadruple-bill of three bands that DC9 readers are already long familiar with and a fourth that they've likely never heard, but should--and soon.

Joining Hoyotoho, Darktown Strutters and Museum Creatures on this Thursday night bill is the new-to-the-scene Denton duo Novaak, which, indeed, will be making its Dallas debut at this show. And the band fits quite nicely on this bill, too, combining Museum Creature's earworms, Hoyotoho's flashy riffage (courtesy guitarist Blake Panter) and Darktown Strutter's female-fronted sultriness (courtesy singer Jessi James) into one convenient package.

Contributing to our week-long efforts to pass along free song downloads to our readers from promising new local talents, Novaak's been kind enough to pass along a free download of its brand spankin' new song, "Marnie." Give it a much merited listen and "Save Link As..." after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Novaak -- "Marnie"

Novaak -- "Marnie"

James has a bit of a Blondie vibe going on, huh?

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