Bonus MP3: Play-N-Skillz feat. Jay-Z -- "Checkin' My Fresh"

It's good to be Play-N-Skillz right now. The song you produced for Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, "Got Money (feat. T-Pain)", was kind of a big deal, and it certainly didn't hurt the disc on its way to becoming the best selling disc of '08. And now, the song's been nominated for a Grammy--and the album for another two--meaning the half-Venezuelan, half-Argentinian brothers could walk from the music industry's "biggest event of the year" with as many as three take-home trophies.


And that's to say nothing of this kickass track the duo just gave us the go-ahead on passing along to DC9 readers for download...

Bonus mp3:

Play-N-Skillz feat. Jay-Z -- "Checkin' My Fresh"

Play-N-Skillz feat. Jay-Z -- "Checkin' My Fresh"

Now, to say this song actually features Jay-Z is a bit of a misnomer--really, it samples Jay-Z, a la T.I.'s excellent "Bring Em Out"--but I'm not gonna get all up in arms about it. This song's just too good for that.

Seriously, give it a listen. And download it, too. Y'know, for posterity. --Pete Freedman

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