Bonus MP3: Rhett Miller -- "I Need To Know Where I Stand"

We've already kinda discussed the mixed feelings we--and others, too--seem to have about the new, self-titled, Salim Nourallah-produced disc from Rhett Miller.

Namely, the problem, at least in my eyes, is the stark difference between the disc's (very strong) start and it's (somewhat limp to the) finish.

But, as I say in my print review of the disc, it's still largely a very, very solid disc--Miller's best, for sure--thanks to the undeniable pop turns of the album's best tracks early on.

And, among the great tracks on the disc? The intricately instrumented, nostalgic "I Need To Know Where I Stand," which Miller's label has been kind enough to pass along to DC9 readers for listening and downloading after the jump...

Bonus mp3:

Rhett Miller -- "I Need To Know Where I Stand"

The song's just classic Rhett--clever, yearning, heartfelt and poppy--and a fine indication of the strengths of the better parts of the disc.

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