Shannon Lee will never play in your indie band. (Shawn Northcutt)

Bonus MP3: Shannon Lee -- "Scriabin Etude in Thirds, Op 8, No. 10"

No one will ever mistake us here at DC9 as classical music savants, but, hey, sometimes we too like a little culture in our music.


Like, for instance, right now: We just caught wind of 15-year-old Canadian-born Dallasite Shannon Lee, who, really is something of a wunderkind on the violin. Check it out:

Bonus mp3:

Shannon Lee -- "Scriabin Etude in Thirds, Op 8, No. 10"

Girl's clearly talented. Like really talented. Like so talented that she'll never join your indie band, so don't even think about asking her to become the new string portion of what you think might be the next big thing. She doesn't need you.

The above track comes off of Lee's just-released debut album, the appropriately enough titled Introducing Shannon Lee. And, it's kind of a ways off, but you can check her out live performing at Lakeland Baptist Church in Lewisville on Friday, September 19.

And, actually, if this stuff interests you, you really should go see Lee play; according to her site, The Buffalo News recently wrote that "Listening to [Lee] is like marveling at an amazing insect."

Which is funny, because clubs editor Jesse Hughey just overheard me playing this song and said "Hey, this kinda reminds me of Tom & Jerry!" And that's almost as complimentary, I think. --Pete Freedman

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