Bonus MP3: Sherilyn Segrest -- "Because of You"

In this past week's paper, as part of our Homegrown review explosion, Mark Schectman gave the debut EP from former Deadman and Telegraph Canyon chanteuse Sherilyn Segrest a healthy couple of spins to come up with this take on the disc called Through The Night: "This EP takes the listener on a journey of awakening, and is the perfect companion to a Texas sunrise."

And that's just part of the love. Writes Schectman:

It's a proclamation that dark times are over, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Optimism rears its head in the upbeat anthem, "Because of You," where Segrest coos, "I found hope" repeatedly. Continue reading...

The help she receives from her backing band--essentially just longtime area favorites, and DOMAXXII Best Group nominees, RTB2--helps a little bit, for sure.

Oh, and speaking of "Because of You," Segrest was kind enough to pass along the song for free download to DC9 readers.

Give the song a listen and a right-click "Save As..." after the jump...

Bonus mp3:

Sherilyn Segrest -- "Because of You"

That's a pretty undeniable slice of Americana right there, folks.

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