Bonus MP3: Shiny Around The Edges -- "Socially Awkward"

Yesterday, the folks in Shiny Around The Edges passed along a Neon Indian cover to help promote DOMAXXII. Today, they pass along bigger news: Before the band hits the road with Dust Congress in August, it will spend a four-day run in Texas opening up for Phosphorescent on that band's Texas swing, which includes a stop at the Kessler Theatre on Friday, July 23.

Earlier this week, after getting its gear and van stolen, it appeared as if Phosphorescent's tour was in jeopardy. But, today, both the van and the gear were recovered by police, and the tour is back on.

Great news for local Phosphorescent fans, for sure, but also for Shiny. Opening for a buzzing band like Phosphorescent is quite the coup for Shiny, whose new album Denton's Dreaming will be released in the fall. And, speaking of that new album, the band has also passed along a free mp3 to preview the disc. Called "Socially Awkward," the song does more than pick up where 2009's Holy Roller left things off--it moves things forward. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Shiny Around The Edges -- "Socially Awkward"

The song is pretty classic Shiny: Sparse sound, teases of a burst, a slow build to nowhere. And, even without a clear payoff to the long build-up, it satisfies completely by its end.

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