Bonus MP3: Smile Smile -- "Silent Night"

No strangers to cover songs, the his/her duo of Smile Smile's released at least two this year by our count. The first? That came back in October, when the band passed along our way its version of Blink-182's "Dammit" for DC9 reader consumption.

Earlier this week, meanwhile, the band released a second such cover song. And, given the theme of the season and all, it's a fitting one: Dallas' Own Ryan Hamilton and Jencey Hirunrusme have recorded a cover of the Christmas classic, "Silent Night." It's a pretty straight-forward cover, reliant on the band's already well-known strengths -- his/her harmonies, cautiously strummed guitar and confident keyboard chord stabs.

Give the duo's take a listen and download after the jump. Then, if you're still determining your New Year's Eve plans, pencil in an appearance at Club Dada on your calendar. There, at the renowned club's planned re-opening event, the band will share an NYE bill with Telegraph Canyon and Air Review.

Bonus mp3:

Smile Smile -- "Silent Night"

Smile Smile -- "Silent Night"

Oh, and keep your ears further peeled for more where this came from: If the band's Twitter feed is to be believed, the band will soon have a version of "Santa Baby" also up for grabs in the coming days.

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