Bonus MP3: Spooky Folk -- "Polaroid"

Turns out the EP we've been waiting on from Denton's Spooky Folk--a band, which, you'll recall, is neither spooky nor folk--isn't an EP at all, but rather a long-player well worth sinking your teeth into. And, through the first few listens, the disc seems quite the treat, a collection of college radio-ready indie charmers begging for an audience--from album-closer "I Am A Ghost" to the band's calling card singalong, "Bible Belt," which, as proceeded by "My Niagara Heart," "Rare Birds," and "Polaroid," makes for as compelling a four-punch opening combo that we've come across from a local debut in some time.

We'll have an in-the-print-product review in the coming weeks, no doubt, but, in the meantime, take a listen to "Polaroid," which the band has kindly offered up to DC9 readers as a free download. Grab it after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Spooky Folk -- "Polaroid"

Spooky Folk -- "Polaroid"

Kinda conjures a rootsier Pains of Being Pure at Heart to me. This song, at least.

Anyway, the band's self-titled debut was officially released at a Denton house show on March 16, and is currently available for purchase at Denton's favorite record store, Recycled Books. Go grab that action.

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