Bonus MP3: The Beaten Sea -- "One Last Night for Birthpains"

In this upcoming week's print issue of the


, you'll find my takes on three new discs from area outfits well worth your attention--

Spooky Folk


Mount Righteous


The Beaten Sea

, the first two of which we already provided early tastes of in the form of



Seems natural then, that we end today by tackling the third--especially since, turns out, the review, which I won't give away entirely in this space, is kind of a gusher.

The Beaten Sea, you see, is the first of the impressive, relatively new-to-the-scene and folk-obsessed Dallas Family Band collective (which also features Jacob Metcalf, The Fox & The Bird, Something in the Wheel, Lalagray and others) to release an album. And yet, despite the pressures that could feasibly come from being the first of this bunch to do this, the duo of Benj Pocta and Jamie Wilson rises to the occasion quite well.

Hear what I mean--at least in part--after the jump, as the duo's been kind enough to offer DC9 readers a free taste of its self-titled, full-length debut in the form of an mp3 of the album's ninth take, "One Last Night for Birthpains."

Bonus mp3:

The Beaten Sea -- "One Last Night for Birthpains"

Uh-huh. We'll be talking about this album again come December, folks. If not sooner.

Catch the band live at its next gig, which comes on Wednesday, April 14, at City Tavern, as part of that venue's relatively new, but very well-received, weekly, Home Sessions.

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