Bonus MP3: The Flowers of God featuring Sarah Jaffe -- "Tunnelvisionary"

Longtime local music fans should recognize Andy Young's name. He was the drummer for the Bella Union-signed Lift to Experience, the iconic area shoegaze outfit that came to prominence in the early '00s during Denton's space rock era. These days, though, Young's working on a new, '70s-leaning psych-pop project called The Flowers of God.

For the most part, the band's just him. On the band's September-released, debut EP, In & Out of Love With The Flowers of God (which you can download on the band's BandCamp site), Young offers up vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums and organ. He had some help on the disc, of course: Peter Salisbury (of Stumptone, Mandarin and The Baptist Generals) played bass on some tracks; The Hope Trust's Kelly Upshaw did, too; Bosque Brown's Jeremy Bueller offered some guitar play; and Sarah Jaffe added some vocals.

With that kind of a backing cast, it's no wonder that The Flowers of God has yet to play a live show--it was scheduled to perform as part of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios' Free Week festivities in Denton, welcoming all the students back to town with the return of the school year, but quickly backed out. And, far as we can tell, no other shows have yet been booked.

So, for now, the album alone will have to do. Lucky for Young, the disc's a keeper, filled with an alluring, Velvet Undergound vibe and, also, as the band name would imply, a definite free spirit aesthetic. And nowhere is that sound more alluring than on Young's duet with fellow Dentonite (and rising star) Sarah Jaffe for the song "Tunnelvisionary," which Young's been kind enough to pass along to DC9 readers as a free download. Grab it after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

The Flowers of God 
The Flowers of God 
The Flowers of God 

It's a hell of a song, even without Jaffe's contribution, which comes a little after the halfway point. And then her voice comes in, and, man, it's just heart-melting.

One of the best local songs we've heard all year, for sure.

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