Bonus MP3: The Happy Bullets -- "People In Charge"

In this week's paper, Darryl Smyers gave The Happy Bullets' preview EP for its Hydroponic at the Natatorium LP a spin--and dug what he heard. Seriously. Writes Smyers:

The effort is good enough to bring some much-deserved attention to The Happy Bullets once again. Continue reading...

Like the days when the band released its kickass "Vice and Virtue Ministry" video? Because those were good days. Well, Smyers seems to think so. He calls it a "nearly-perfect" new release.

Decide for yourself after the jump, as the band's been kind enough to pass along "People In Charge," the first song on its new EP and LP for your downloading pleasure...

Bonus mp3:

The Happy Bullets -- "People in Charge"

Smyers calls the song "wistful" and beautiful. I'm inclined to agree.

Oh, and that line "The people in charge aren't nearly as wise as they let on" sure rings a little bit truer these days what with all frontman Jason Roberts has been able to accomplish in Oak Cliff recently, huh?

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