Bonus MP3: The Southern Sea -- "These Things Always End Badly"

Bonus MP3: The Southern Sea -- "These Things Always End Badly"

In this week's print edition of the Observer (at some newsstands already, but on your Internet now), you'll find a review of The Southern Sea's Theoretically, Yes. Honestly, No. in our Home Grown CD review section, which, really, despite the thoughts of one quick-to-comment reader, is meant as quite the positive review.

The fact that there are some obvious sonic connections to be made between the Great Northwest's Death Cab/Modest Mouse sounds of a few years back and this debut full-length from the Greenville quintet isn't necessarily a damning thing; in fact, I even go so far as to say in the review that, "The Southern Sea is able to capably blend these influences into a somewhat unique, off-kilter patchwork." But, even beyond that, I also say this:

There are two sides to this fence: Fans of the genre will predictably champion this effort; detractors of it will no doubt naysay its too-obvious direction. But this much should be inarguable: On its first full-length release, Greenville's best-kept secret firmly establishes itself, quite capably, among the premiere indie-pop outfits in the region.

Plus, I'd say I'm a fan of this genre. (Yeah, so I liked The O.C. Sue me.)

But I think you'll dig it, too. After the jump, the opening track from the disc, for your downloading pleasure, courtesy of the band itself.

Bonus mp3:

The Southern Sea -- "These Things Always End Badly"

A great lead track to a highly enjoyable disc. Currently, you won't find any upcoming area performances listed on the band's upcoming schedule, but we'll let you know the next time we spot one.


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