Bonus MP3: Year of the Tiger -- "Heart of Steel"

Tonight marks the start of New York City's

CMJ Music Marathon

, a sort of SXSWish deal originally built around the premise of bringing up-and-coming wannabe college radio heroes together for college radio jocks to come have a listen and look-see. Now 30 years into its existence, this year's festivities certainly appear as big as ever, with at least three locals (and possibly more--

the list of performers is long

) performing as part of it.

And they are? The Orbans, Sarah Jaffe and Smile Smile. Fairly predictably, we think.

But, turns out, there's a fourth act with local ties also appearing on the bill: Year of the Tiger.

Shortly after moving to Brooklyn earlier this year, Dallas ex-pat Kevin Simon--a hip-hop producer, saxophone player and guitarist, who says he's found work in a handful of New York City music studios--quickly got hooked up with Brooklynites Henry Ivry and Sable Yong, whose fledgling outfit was in need of a guitarist. Fast forward a few months and the band's playing CMJ and fielding calls, Simon says, from the likes of Pitchfork and other music media outlets.

"So I guess I'm in a buzz band now," Simon joked during a quick catch-up session this weekend.

Deservedly so, too. Year of the Tiger's got an interesting sound, with two obvious reference points--early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the oh-so-polarizing Sleigh Bells--standing out on even initial listens. It's catchy stuff, no doubt. And bound, we think, to soon find the band earning even more buzz post-CMJ.

After the jump, courtesy of Simon, grab a free mp3 of the band's party-starting "Heart of Steel."

Bonus mp3:

Year of the Tiger -- "Heart of Steel"

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