It's been a while since we'd heard anything on Denton's Grassfight. A little over two years, even--since back when Dave Sims wrote this glowing piece on the then-new-to-the-scene outfit.

And then, out of nowhere, we saw that the band on a bill at The Cavern this past weekend and then, somehow, on the bill to open up for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Lizard Lounge next week?


Frontman Nathan Forester explains:"It has been a while," he says. "We have shamefully been recording this whole time (and playing shows here and there), but after a few personnel changes, starting over two different times, and dealing with a former member taking himselfe, our recordings and recording equipment to Beaumont, we are finally getting somewhere and are very, very excited about Grassfight right now."

He's got his reasons, actually. Forester passed along two new tracks from a new album he said the band hopes to release in 2011 for us to pass along to DC9 readers for download. Give them a listen after the jump. Especially if you like Interpol.

Bonus MP3s: Grassfight Shares Some Songs And Sheds Some Light On Where It's Been Hiding.

Bonus mp3:

Grassfight -- "Count Me Out"

Bonus mp3: 

Grassfight -- "Intercoastal"

Pretty solid stuff. Enough, I'd say, to merit paying attention to the band's upcoming disc once it gets here.

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