Bonus MP3s: LehtMoJoe Remixes Passion Pit, Major Lazer, Common and Peter, Bjorn and John

Earlier this month, local DJ/producer LehtMoJoe entered a Passion Pit-sponsored contest to remix the band's song "Little Secrets" in anticipation of the band's debut LP release, Manners, due out on Tuesday. And he's had some success with it: Two days ago, his remix of the track, which had already been featured on a number of blogs, was singled out and placed onto Hype Machine's radio playlist.

Curious as to what the track sounds like? So were we--and LehtMoJoe (real name: Vincent Silva) was kind enough to pass the track along for your downloading pleasure. After the jump, his Passion Pit remix--along with his takes on songs from Major Lazer, Common and Peter, Bjorn and John.

Oh, and if you dig his remix of Passion Pit (who comes to the Granada on June 2, by the way), go vote for his song on the band's contest page. Today, being the 15th and all, is the last day that voting will remain open in the contest, and the top five entries in the contest will be placed onto a special vinyl-only copy of the "Little Secrets" single. Currently, LehtMoJoe's version is sitting in 19th place.

First, check the Passion Pit remix...

Bonus mp3: Passion Pit -- "Little Secrets (LehtMoJoe Remix)"

And, now, a few others, just for kicks...

Bonus mp3: Major Lazer -- "Hold The Line (LehtMoJoe Remix)"

Bonus mp3: Peter, Bjorn and John -- "Nothing To Worry About (LehtMoJoe Remix)"  

Bonus mp3: Common -- "Gladiator (LehtMoJoe Remix)"

If certain aesthetics of LehtMoJoe's work sounds familiar, well, you aren't crazy: He also produced the very awesome beat for Anonymous's "Get Up," a song we offered you as a free download back in January.

But, of course, there's more: LehtMoJoe plans on releasing a new remix every week leading up to an event he has planned for July 31 at the Granada Theater. Already, he's billing it as "Leht's Gimma Da Gold Party," with scheduled performances from Anonymous, Mount Righteous, himself and others.

Oh, and as for his own works? Leht says audiences can expect his solo album, Spaghetti Western, which he says is a mix of electro, pop and hip-hop, to be released at some point in July, as well.

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