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Booker T. Washington Alums Come Home--And, Yes, That's HUGE

You may be familiar with some of the names who'll be in town tomorrow night at Booker T. Washington High School as the Arts Magnate celebrates the reopening and the completion of its two-year, $55 million renovation.

Erykah Badu? Norah Jones? Edie Brickell? Roy Hargrove? Lost actress Elizabeth Mitchell? Hmm...well, maybe not her.

But the first four! Oh, the first four! Talk about impressive. You know who went to my high school back in the Boston area? This guy, who you might recognize--but only if you watch a lot of ESPN. That's it, really.

Anyway, tomorrow night's event is a gala (whatever that means--can I still wear my ass-less chaps?) and it's for all the big spenders who contributed to the costs of the improved building (which probably explains the names on the bill...bang, buck, that sort of thing). But it also might be the most impressive all-local lineup this town's seen--if not ever, than in one hell of a long time. And all the acts in the lineup just lurve them some Booker T. The proof's in this pudding, a video made two years back to help the school raise the funds for its update:

So who's gonna crash this thing with me? We can get shit-faced drunk together and shout out random El Madmo references during Norah Jones' performance! It's be epic. Anyone? Anyone? I know Wilonsky's down. --Pete Freedman

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