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Booze Snow Cones and Magical Tacos: Jeremy Poyo Is Home at LaGrange

Welcome to Local Music 'Mericans, where we get to know the people behind the scenes in Dallas/Fort Worth music.

If you play your cards right with a local music venue, all you need is a huge picture window as your marketing tool. Certainly anyone who has strolled by LaGrange and gazed inside felt the magnetic draw of not only impressively thought out tacos and vodka snow cones, but also an eclectic aggregate of local music and a built-in crowd.

Jeremy Poyo is the GM of LaGrange. Before that, he was one of the soldiers managing Gypsy Tea Room, circa 1997-2005. Further back, he was kid who grew up in a musical family, always being towed along to concerts and playing cello in junior high, a fact he tried desperately to hide from the unforgiving jocks leaving campus alongside him. Not an easy task considering the size of the instrument's case.

To hear Poyo speak of the local music venues he's been a part of, one word comes to mind: gratitude. That he recently reunited with his Gypsy Tea Room booking colleague Scott Beggs expresses that sentiment, and he's quick to credit the people around him with the success of a place like LaGrange.

It's been fun watching the music and creativity at LaGrange grow even more than what it was at the start. Seems like the synergy between you and Scott Beggs has only amplified all that. Stephanie and Rob [Schumacher, owners of LaGrange] have done an amazing job putting in a music venue with a tremendous taco cafe attached. Scott Beggs and myself worked side by side for most of that time I was at Gypsy Tea Room. We have a unique way of knowing what each other thinks. His ability to bring the quality talent and my ability to create the best environment for performer and guest has worked out pretty well. I think we are both blessed with the opportunity to make this happen again at LaGrange, in the heart of the best entertainment district in Dallas.

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Are you worried about running out of cool ideas for the place? I mean, you already have great bands you can see performing from all the way across the street, and a whole flavor array of vodka snow cones. We are adding a pool table and some bar games in the cafe side as well. You throw in some boozy snow cones and now you a have a hit. What a novel concept. Booze in a snow cone! Brilliant. Looking forward to the better weather coming up and getting full use of our killer patio. Really, the possibilities are endless.

I honestly believe tacos are just as important to our local music scene as a good stage, and it seems you have a winner there, too. After all, talent needs to be fed well but inexpensively. Am I right? That is the essence of a great music venue. Quality music, quality service, magical tacos. Really, what else can you ask for? Chris Moreno is the brains behind the magical tacos. One bad mutha, I'm just saying. By the way, we make those available to the public, as well. Brunch is already rolling again. The chicken and waffles are selling out already.

While the band calendar doesn't seem to be genre-specific, it does seem to have a common denominator of aggression in its talent choices. Are you feeling that? Yes! Maleveller, Descender, Here Holy Spain, Hello Lover, Zound Sounds, Ishi, Missile and so on. We are looking forward to the addition of many national touring acts coming in as well. Rock, blues, country, punk, electronic. We don't care. If it's good, we are bidding on the show.

Ever picture living this kind of life back when you were lugging your cello case home from school? No. I know that I have one of the best jobs in the entire world. Where else can you roll in, be entertained and socialize with all of your friends and make a living doing it. I get a front row seat for all of this!

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