BreakThruRadio Features Denton In Its "Spotlight On The City"

Over on BreakThruRadio.com, there's oh, about 80 minutes of pure bliss for Denton music fans.

The web site has decided to feature good ol' Denton, TX, this week in its "Spotlight On The City" feature, which you can stream at BTR's site. Or, since its basically just a podcast, you can get it and download it right here.

It features a whole host of Dentonites over the 80 minutes, with minimal commentary from "Lottie", the show's host, who basically just pops in every now and then to let you know what you've been listening to. Anyway, who will you hear?

Bridges & Blinking Lights, Daniel Folmer, RTB2, Delmore Pilcrow, Burnt Sienna Trio, Brave Combo, Fight Bite, Sarah Jaffe, Florene, Doug Burr, The Baptist Generals, Street Hassle and Dust Congress--and you'll hear most of these acts more than once.

Either way, it's a good listen, and a GREAT primer for those still fairly unfamiliar with Denton's finest. So, do listen. --Pete Freedman

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