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Calhoun Returns From The Dead, Releases New Demos, Hits Studio

Over on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's site today, a real treat for fans of Calhoun, one of the finest bands from that city: Seems the band, which called it quits last May, isn't done yet. And there's proof: A week ago today, the band posted a few new, previously unheard demos, to its BandCamp site for stream and download. Kinda gorgeous demos, too, if you ask me.

Full disclosure: We saw this coming.

Last month, Calhoun frontman Tim Locke hit us up to give us a little head's up on this front. The band, Locke said, was just down to him and guitarist Jordan Roberts, but the two were ready to hit the studio again. And the demos on the BandCamp site? Well, they're just the beginning...

Assuming all went according to plan (we just sent a note Locke's way for confirmation), the band was scheduled to begin recording its follow-up to the great 2008 album Falter.Waver.Cultivate this past Monday in Dallas, where it has been slated to work with producer Jim Barber (who has worked with Ryan Adams and Courtney Love, among others) on its new songs.

Wrote Calhoun in his forewarning message: "Not sure what it will sound like, since it's really not a band right now--but I know we are tired of looking at the guitar's face even more than our own, so that will be a huge factor."

Huge news, too, we think.

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