Centro-matic/South San Gabriel Release New EP of Dual Hawks Extras, A Lionel Richie Cover

Good news today for anyone sitting around, waiting on new material from Centro-matic: This morning, the band announced the release of a new EP called Eyas.

Like Dual Hawks, the band's last album, which came as a double-album, one disc filled Centro-matic material and the other consisting of the band's more ethereal alter ego, South San Gabriel, this seven-track offering is a split effort. And, the band's announcement, yes, it's very much along the same lines as Dual Hawks--the band's calling this batch "the important safety parachute to Dual Hawks' sprawling plume."

Four of the cuts are Centro-matic takes. Three are South San Gabriel ones. But, sound unheard, we're gonna go ahead and tell you right now that the reason for grabbing this collection is going to be for the South San Gabriel cuts. See, one of the SSG three is actually a cover tune. A Lionel Richie cover tune. OK, enough beating around the bush: It's "All Night Long." Stream the studio take on Centro-matic's MySpace page.

Grab your copy of Eyas right here for a measly six dollars.

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