Centro-matic To Tweet Tomorrow Night, Whilst Rocking Your Robin.

As I retweeted just moments ago (check out our Twitter-log in the right-hand column on this page...and follow me, too, if ya want), Centro-matic's got a gig tomorrow night at the Granada Theater with the fine fellows of The Crash That Took Me and Austin's The Monahans.

And while that's fine and good--great even, for fans of the local music--what's really unique about the gig is that, starting at 7 o'clock tomorrow night, Will Johnson, Scott Danbom, Mark Hedman and Matt Pence will be live-tweeting to your hearts content, answering your tweeted questions and lord knows what else before playing, thus bringing transparency and Internet connectivity with your favorite bands to whole new levels (Take that, Erykah Badu.)

This new world totally blows my mind, man.

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