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Changing the Course of Empire

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Is there any more plaintive call to hear from a stage than "Has anybody seen my band?" Country up-and-comer Brian Houser was crying those blues in between country songs from the corner stage at Adair's, then went on to distract himself by inviting two young ladies up on stage to sing with him. This--the laboratory portion of the show--conclusively proved that there was absolutely no connection between being able to stand behind the microphone and looking good, and actually being able to sing. Fortunately, Houser was saved when his band--no doubt mindful of last call--sauntered back in...

Homegrown rappers Bassx--who relocated to Brooklyn in early 1996--have called it quits, citing the usual creative differences and boredom with the routine of making music together. The group, which formed in Denton in 1992, was a perennial favorite in Dallas Observer Music Awards voting. The group put out two cassette releases before issuing their album Thick in 1995. All members--Ban Ra, Chill, Ari Hoenig, Homage, and Snika--will remain in NYC...Fast, aggressive rock with more than a touch of punk relentlessness could be the soundtrack to heaven or hell, depending on your tastes, but if you're in the former camp you should check out Super Sport 396. The band has a two-song demo floating around and can be caught this Friday, February 6...Paul Levatino, drummer for Big Twin Evo, reports that the band is starting work on an album that should be out by April; catch them at the Curtain Club Thursday, February 19...Jazz fans should check out guitarist John Pizzarelli, who will be playing at the Addison Sambuca this Sunday, February 8--a pretty good combination of intimate venue and big-name act...

Hank Thompson and the Brazos Valley Boys, Dale Watson, Lisa Layne, and fashion victim Marty Stuart will host "The Honky-Tonk Jubilee" on Saturday, April 4, at the Bronco Bowl. The show will benefit the Assistance League of Dallas...Ranger Randall's Texas Music Connection has announced the first of a regular quarterly throwdown to be called--not surprisingly--TMC Quarterly. The event, to be held at the Sons of Hermann Hall the weekend of Friday, March 6, will feature the Austin Lounge Lizards, the Ex-Husbands, the Rank Outsiders, Dale Watson, Colin Boyd, Peter Keane, and Darden Smith. Tickets are $25 now, and go up to $30 on February 24...Captain Audio announces that Brandon Curtis, formerly the bassist for UFOFU, has joined the band...

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