Concert Reviews

Charlie Robison - Plano Courtyard Theater - June 6, 2013

Walking into Plano's Courtyard Theater on Thursday night felt a bit like walking into Addison's WaterTower Theatre or perhaps Dallas' Kalita Humphreys Theater. Among the well-dressed crowd, there were some older folks milling about, chatting in the modern-designed foyer as an air of formality wafted through the space. There were some young punks there too, of course, in all of their worn-out, yet still embroidered jeans and overly-decorated caps and "nice" T-shirts. But even with them there, this wasn't going to be your typical Texas Country concert.

After local folk-rocker Ronnie Fauss effectively warmed up the roughly 300 people in the sold-out room with his wit and his excellent interplay with multi-instrumentalist Eric Neal, who played the accordion, fiddle, pedal steel and mandolin through Fauss' eight song set, Bandera native Charlie Robison strolled onto the stage with his long-time lead guitar player, Mark Tokach, and loosened the audience up further. If things felt a touch stuffy upon entering the building before the music began, things became casually and comfortably intimate with Robison's charm and professional crowd-pleasing tendencies.

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Kelly Dearmore