Chart News: Lovato, Simpson Rock Billboard's Hot 100

Interesting stuff, if only as an eyebrow-raiser, since I'm fairly certain that no one who reads this blog is actually interested in listening to these songs, but it should be noted that Dallas' own Jessica Simpson and Demi Lovato are respectively sitting at Nos. 65 and 9 on this week's Billboard Hot 100 chart. The songs? Simpson's country atrocity "Come on Over" and Lovato's collaboration with her Camp Rock co-star Joe Jonas (of teen dreams the Jonas Brothers), "This is Me."

Here's a clip of Lovato impersonating the Jonas Brothers, which is actually something of a fascinating watch, because, while you and I may not "get" it, there's about a bajillion kids across the world that think this is the greatest thing ever:

(The girl that intros the video and isn't Lovato? That's her "BFF," of course, Selena Gomez, Grand Prairie native and fellow Disney star kid.)

But, anyway, back to the Hot 100: No. 1 this week, for the second week in a row, is Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl," which Jesse Hughey dumped on a few weeks back, but is looking like its on track to become The Big Hit of the summer (like, oh, "Umbrella," "Crazy," "Since U Been Gone," "In Da Club," "Lady Marmalade" and countless others before it). And, yep, Ms. Perry's in town today, too, touring with those crazy Warped Tour kids. --Pete Freedman

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