Check It Out, A New Dixie Chicks Court Yard Hounds Track!

Surely, that toothsome twosome to the right looks familiar to most Dallasites. They are after all, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire, formerly Dallas' own Emily and Martie Erwin--or, at least, that was the case back when the Dixie Chicks called Dallas home.

To this day, they still make up two-thirds of that Grammy-winning and sometimes-controversial outfit (we're looking at you, Natalie Maines), even though that band's technically on hiatus and has been since 2008.

So what are a couple of multi-instrumentalist sisters to do in the meantime? Ah, funny you should ask: On May 4, the sisters will release their debut, self-titled disc under the name Court Yard Hounds. And, somehow, these newcomers to the scene were able to convince Columbia to put it out? Go figure.

Anyway, that all brings us to, well, this, a link to where you can go ahead and download an mp3 of the sisters' first leaked track off that album, "It Didn't Make a Sound." It's actually a pretty solid song--really good, actually, if you like your country pretty classic-sounding and if you don't mind the Dixie Chicks without Natalie Maines. Which, I think, is most people? Although, really, tell that to the Chicks' record sales.

Update: Check the comments below from our always insightful readers and you'll learn, as I did, that not only can you download the song and it's accompanying video for free on Amazon, but that you also get a crop of free tracks if you pre-order the album from the site, So there you go.

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Pete Freedman
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