City Plan Commission Unanimously Votes To Recommend Trees For SUP

A major hurdle's been cleared for former Firewater talent-buyer Clint Barlow in his efforts to re-open Trees come late summer: The City Plan Commission voted unanimously today to recommend that the city grant the club a two-year special use permit. In mid-June, the City Council will have the final vote on the matter of the club's SUP.

But, as Barlow tells Unfair Park this afternoon, he's feeling good about his odds: "All the commissioners had nice things to say. It was really cool. I was blown away by the support. You think there's some giant there: The City of Dallas. But every road block's been a green light. I thought we'd have to dig in."

Which means, yep, there's a very good chance I'm eating crow on this one. Oh well. Won't be the first time. 


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