Club Dada To Close For Two Months Due To Health Inspection Violations, Renovations

Well, that didn't last long. Shortly after re-opening its doors this week, Club Dada is now closed again--and this time, says co-owner Ben Tapia, the place looks like it will be out of business for at least two months.

"We are closing," says Tapia. "This just happened. The health inspector came in and, the fact of the matter is that everything in this goddamn building is so old and rigged that we're passing every inspection by the health inspector's."

The concern on the health inspector's part: The old, rusty equipment and refrigerators--some that have been around for 20-some years--still used behind the bar. Problem for Tapia is, as much as he cleans the rust off those machines, they're just too dated to run up to health inspection standards--and, worse, they're expensive to replace.

"Right now, for us, [fixing those concerns] is financially impossible," Tapia says. "But it's embarassing. It needs to get fixed."

This issue, coupled with the club's TABC dealings in recent weeks, has brought things to a tipping point, though; for now, Tapia says he sees no option but to close the club for at least two months, and possibly begin working on renovations to the club's entire layout. But Tapia's especially frustrated about the decision.

"I'm fucking fed up with the state of this place and what people are saying," he says. "I've been on the phone with lawyers all day and I'll be calling [the bands that had been booked to play the club in the upcoming weeks] soon. Then we're gonna stop and make some decisions. But, for now, I've had it. This is bullshit. We're gonna get this place done right once and for all."

As always, we'll keep you posted.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.