Club Dada To Remain Closed Through The Weekend, Re-Open On Monday

Like a poorly played game of Telephone in elementary school, there's been a lot of erroneous information passed along about Club Dada in the past few days--a lot of it generating from a story we ran here on DC9 that has somehow become mangled up by a few other organizations in their attempts to work on follow-up pieces.

So, just to clear up: As reported earlier here, TABC officers did not shut down Dada on Wednesday: "We were never closed down by anyone," Dada co-owner Ben Tapia says today. Tapia and his bar managers made the decision to close the club on Wednesday night. And though the venue will be closed for the rest of the weekend--tonight's show with Rescue Signals and Traveler has been canceled, but the club had long scheduled a day off for tomorrow's holiday--Tapia assures area concertgoers that the venue "will be open next week."

He also says we can be on the lookout for an official statement about what's happening with the club come Monday. So, there you go. We'll look forward to it.

Oh, and one more thing, if I may rant for a moment: Despite this NBC 5 report that makes this situation out to be one more death knell for Deep Ellum, things really aren't that sucky down there. With all the talks of venues re-opening (Trees, 2826 Elm, the blues bar by Twisted Root) and the DART Rail debuting its two Deep Ellum stops in September, the neighborhood is hardly the sob story the TV news broadcast made it out to be. If anything, this is as promising a time in Deep Ellum as there's been in the past three years or longer. So, let's pump the brakes a bit on the crisis mode, eh?

(Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest.)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.