CNN Tries To Peel Back the Enigma from the Mystery That Is Rhett Miller

If your Rhett Miller alarm was sounding off all morning and you just couldn't figure out why, North Of The Dial'er Daniel is here to help, pointing out that CNN's Shannon Cook sat down with Miller to feature him in today's installment of CNN's interview series "Music & Conversation." (Two things we've long thought go together just fine.)

Miller has a few things to say about his kids' thoughts on his music, and his love affair with Twitter, but mostly what comes across is that Cook is fascinated by Miller -- ("It is a cool name. Is it real?" she asks at one point). So while it may not offer too much in the way of news (he's plugging his latest release, which was out two months ago), it's rich with exchanges like the following:

Miller: All of the nicknames that come out of Stewart Ransom Miller II are not good.
CNN: What's wrong with Stu?
Miller: Stu, really? But then I'd be like meat stew.

The feature even includes video of Miller co-hosting Cook's music news segment, with a guitar he finally gets to play around 16:44, a live performance of "Need To Know Where I Stand." Be warned, the video before that is riddled with segments that are best avoided, teased by Miller with lines like, "Let's shake it out... Jason Mraz."

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