Could Play-N-Skillz Have Saved The Blueprint 3?

In next week's dead tree version of DC9, we'll be running our review of the new Jay-Z disc, The Blueprint 3. (Spoiler alert: Meh.)

Of course, we won't be the first to wax poetic about the disc; early returns elsewhere see the disc as something of a failure, with reviews lambasting Jay for trying to stay relevant in a game that may have already passed him by--or maybe just one he's lost some interest in. Last weekend, Jay and Beyonce were among the crowd in Brooklyn checking out Grizzly Bear, Beach House and VEGA perform--and Jay went out of his way to say that he liked what he saw and heard from the indie rock scene.

But, still, this is Jay-Z, remember, so folks are up in arms that The Blueprint 3 might not be up to par for the iconic hip-hop artist. Today, the folks at the hip-hop-centric The Urban Daily express such sentiment, while nominating a couple of producers who could've stepped in and "saved" the disc from mediocrity. Among the 10 producers named: Dallas' own Play-N-Skillz, who the site praises for being able to "get it in," whatever that means. Still, a nice plug for the brothers Salinas.


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