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Veruca Salt

From a press release, received this week:

K-tel proudly announces the release of the second volume of Unlistenable '90s: The Alternative Years, which will arrive in stores July 4, 2000. Celebrate the spirit of indie-pendence with this cool alternative, featuring Urge Overkill ("Sister Havana"), Concrete Blonde ("Joey"), Liz Phair ("Fuck & Run"), the Lemonheads ("My Drug Buddy"), Weezer ("The Sweater Song"), the Jesus & Mary Chain ("Sugar Ray"), James ("Ring the Bells"), Primus ("Jerry Was a Race Car Driver"), Jane's Addiction ("Been Caught Stealing"), and Matthew Sweet ("Girlfriend"), among many other bands you've forgotten about or plain ol' decided to ignore. Swing into summer with these dime-a-dozen one-hit (and, in some cases, NOT EVEN!) wonders, who stopped being important around the time they went into the studio to begin working on their fourth albums! Where are they now? Who cares?!

Relive the glory days of George Bush, the first season of E.R., the birth of Netscape, the baseball strike, the Dow at 5,000, and O.J. Simpson's murder spree with this trip down Amnesia Lane. Ever wondered what happened to the Happy Mondays? Of course not, but they're here--wearing their "Kinky Afro"! Or how about The La's? "There She Goes"--and there they went, right back to their day jobs! The Breeders? They shot their one "Cannonball," then moved back to Dayton. Four dead in Ohio, indeed! And did you throw out your grandfather's old Cardigans? Fret not, vintage wardrobe fan--we've got "Lovefool," that band's one and only hit! Hey, what the world needs now is "Teen Angst," and it's here. Take a bite of that Cracker!

With Unlistenable '90s, you can consolidate your entire CD collection from the last decade! Get rid of Veruca Salt's American Thighs, because we've got "Seether." Wait! You already did! Go behind the music--then kick its ass! This 43-song, double-disc collection will be sold through stores, the Internet, and out of the back of our trunks for a limited time only. Unlike these bands, we're well of aware of the expiration date on most of these songs. Act now, and K-tel will throw in absolutely free a copy of Veruca Salt's new album Resolver, Nina Gordon's Tonight and the Rest of My Life, and the 34-disc Weezer import-CD-single boxed-set collection--all for $2.94! Can't beat that with a stick, if that's your idea of fun!

Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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