CSS is the São Paulo-based pop outfit that lifted its moniker from a Beyoncé quote (their name is the Portugese translation of Beyoncé's "I'm tired of being sexy" quote) and gave us the catchiest iPod jingle ever — yes, that "music is my boyfriend" hook that got stuck in your head back in 2007 comes from "Music is My Hot Hot Sex," a track from the band's self-titled debut.

Fresh from touring Europe, CSS is now back in the States promoting album number three, La Liberación, which — from the confectionery pop of lead single "Hits Me Like a Rock" to its punky title track — is arguably the band's most eclectic offering to date.

"It was a good experience because we had so much time to do it,"explains Lovefoxxx, CSS' quirky, often unitard-clad frontwoman. "This is also one of the reasons why we have guests."

Joining her band on the new disc: Bobbie Gillespie (Primal Scream), Ratatat and Cody Critcheloe (Ssion) and pianist Mike Garson. No Justin Timberlake, though.

"Yeah," Lovefoxxx says. "He just never replied to our request."

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