Curious To Hear What Dallas' Finest Rappers Have To Say About T.O.'s Departure?

No? Weird, 'cause MTV apparently is. Yesterday, the music network checked in with some of the area's hip-hop heavyweights--or, possibly, just the ones it still had email addresses for in its "Dallas Week" Rolodex--to hear their thoughts.

Play-N-Skillz seem OK with it...

"I think the Cowboys will be good with or without T.O., and I'm sure T.O. will be good with or without the Cowboys," wrote a very diplomatic Skillz, half of the Grammy-winning production duo Play N Skillz. "The Cowboys have a good all-around team, and I don't think one person will affect their playoff run."

"I think this is a great move by the Cowboys organization," Skillz's brother/partner Play said. "T.O. is a great player, but his off-the-field antics were showing the team in a negative light. I figured this was going to happen when we picked up Roy Williams. I tip my hat to Jerry Jones, because he proved that no one athlete is bigger than Dallas or the Dallas Cowboys. Goodbye, Terrell Owens, and let the season begin for the 'Boys."

But Big Chief? Not so much.

"I think that was a bad move for the Cowboys," Big Chief said. "They don't have anyone to replace him, and if he stays in the same division, T.O. is going to kill the Cowboys when they meet."

In other news, Smile Smile couldn't be reached for comment on the recent Dallas Stars additions. Actually, that's not true; I didn't even ask them. Because, really.

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