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Dallas-Based Crushed Stars Has Another Critically Acclaimed Album, But Is it Enough?

Todd Gautreau of Crushed Stars wouldn't be a natural choice to star in an indie-rock reimagining of the sentimental 1989 Kevin Costner hit film, Field of Dreams. As Ray Kinsella, a failing farmer with daddy issues, Costner's character blindly followed a random, ghostly voice telling him that "If you build it, they will come." It all worked out for Kinsella in the end, but hey, that's the magic of the movies.

The main man behind Dallas-based dream-pop project Crushed Stars, Todd Gautreau, isn't a flighty artist who assumes that if he "records it, they will buy." It's quite the opposite. Gautreau, a 44-year-old graphic designer who also owns indie-label Simulacra Records and creates electronically based songs under the Sonogram moniker is, for good reason, a practical kind of fellow. Pragmatism isn't something one would imagine from the hazy, laconic tunes he produces with Jeff Ryan as Crushed Stars, but that juxtaposition only adds to the story's intrigue.

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Kelly Dearmore