Dallas DJ John Walker is in A Coma: Here's How You Can Help

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More than a week has passed and Walker remains comatose. Doctors are currently keeping him under sedation due to a large amount of brain fluid buildup, but bring him out of sedation every so often to check his reflexes and monitor his progress. His body is responding to a large amount of pain, says his wife Crystal Walker, adding that most of his movement is involuntary, which includes thrashing arms, motion in his legs and an intense coughing reflex. According to Waker's best friend of 15 years and co-worker at Rockit Lab Studios, Joshua Kynd, doctors gave Walker voice commands on Thursday morning, instructing him to move his fingers if he could hear. Walker slightly wiggled his fingers.

Joshua Kynd says that after the accident, the immediate level of support from Dallas' DJs and music scene was overwhelming. On the Wednesday of Walker's accident, people flooded the hospital waiting rooms.

"It's strange. He's like a new celebrity. Accidents happen to people all the time, but you don't normally have 100 people in the hospital waiting room within an hour. We had to show everyone over to the studio there were so many people," Kynd said.

Kynd, who showed Walker Dallas' underground techno and house music scenes in the late '90s, is also a DJ, and intends to proceed with plans for an April 20 DJ event at Zubar, which is on Walker's birthday. Walker had created the Facebook event in late February, and was planning to DJ the vinyl-only night with three of his friends, who collectively call themselves the "four horsemen." As Kynd explains it, the four guys draw numbers one through four out of a hat, to determine their time slots, and now plan to play one of Walker's best recorded mixes during his designated time slot.

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