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Dallas Fire-Rescue Determines Cause of Fire at Rihanna's American Airlines Center Show

Still no word from the folks either at the American Airlines Center or concert promotion conglomerate Live Nation about what, if any, accommodations will be made for the Rihanna fans upset that their Friday night concert experience was cut shot after a fire broke out above the performer's stage.

Update at 6:15 p.m.: Bad news for the folks who were expecting a refunded ticket or a rescheduled concert after a fire at the American Airlines Center caused Rihanna's set to get cut short on Friday night. Live Nation, the company behind the show, sent out a note not long ago, explaining that there would be no refunds and no rescheduled show.

And that's that. No added details, and all this despite Rihanna tweeting multiple times that she planned to return and make up for the mishap.

As for what caused the fire, Dallas Fire-Rescue people are talking -- and, now, they say, they know the cause of the fire.

It's pretty simple, actually: Embers from the stage set-up's pyrotechnic offerings reached a chair above the stage, landed on the chair's fabric and sparked a fire.

A press release issued by DFR expands on the fire's cause:

"The chair was situated to a truss member directly above the pyrotechnics display, where it was being used by a person that was controlling the main spotlight. The person operating the light did suffer a minor burn, but decided not to go to the hospital. No citations were issued."
No one else appears to have been injured. So, what, if anything, does this mean for tomorrow night's Britney Spears show at the AAC? Not much, turns out.

DFR spokesman Jason Evans tells the Dallas Voice that "this incident has in no way effected her concert (at least as far as FD is concerned)."


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