Dallas Native David Berman Of The Silver Jews Calls It Quits, Maybe

One-time Dallas native David Berman, the mastermind behind longtime indie folk favorite (20 years!) the Silver Jews, has reportedly decided to end his project.

The news is all over the web this morning--Pitchfork, Stereogum, NME and many other places, too, I'm sure--and for devoted fans of Berman's work, this is no doubt sad news.

In September, Noah Bailey spoke with Berman about his decision to leave Dallas at the age of 18. Aside from a few tour stops in the region, he's never returned.

The decision to quit music, however, has seemingly given Berman a new found sense of freedom. On the Drag City forums--where people are eulogizing the band's loss and where Berman first announced his decision--Berman has posted a fairly scathing message about his disgust with his father, political lobbyist Richard Berman.

It's all a little weird, and, again, a bit disappointing.

Even more disappointing is the fact that, now, when Noah wears his Silver Jews t-shirts around the Observer office and editor Mark Donald looks him up and down with an utterly confused look, Bailey's response ("It was this band..." as opposed to "It's this band...") will only create more confusion.

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