Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers Do Violitionist Sessions, Talk About STDs and Section 8 Housing

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The new Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers Violitionist Session is up now, featuring three songs from the Denton group, as well as a thoroughly entertaining interview, in which leader Daniel Folmer and his band talk about the new album. There's also this telling quote:

"You get a band of-- and I always call these 'Brooklyn Bands,' but there's a lot of 'Brooklyn Bands' around here. You get a band where one guy is really into fucking Widespread Panic and one guy's really into Vampire Weekend and one guy's really into Pavement and one guy's really into Shellac or whatever, and they all get together and make some sort of mish-mash pop band, and it sounds like a combination of all those bands, and in the end they either hate each other or they don't do well, so they break up. Those kind of bands don't do well."

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