David Wingo Once Had A Beer Dumped On Him At Olla Podrida Mall. So, Naturally, That's How He Came Up With His Band's Name.

OK, so Ola Podrida isn't really local at all--band leader David Wingo calls Austin home, not Dallas--but the band is named after Olla Podrida, that old arts and crafts mall off LBJ Freeway here in the D. And, if we're searching for more local angles, we know that Wingo collaborated with former American Analog Set member and Fort Worth native Andrew Kenny on his new project, The Wooden Birds.

We know all that.

But now we also know via the press release we got earlier this week that came with the new Ola Podrida album, Belly of the Lion, that Wingo's first ever public performance came at the Olla Podrida, that it "involved dressing up as a mouse" and that, though "the job didn't last, it did lead to his first beer (thrown at him by some unruly hecklers in a truck)." Which is a pretty hilarious backstory, actually.

Anyway, this new album, Wingo's sophomore release, isn't out until November 10, but, yesterday, the folks at Pitchfork offered up the first single "Your Father's Basement" as a free mp3 download. Check it out. We recommend it if you like your indie singer-songwriter fare to be a little jangly, a little warbly, and filled with dark undertones.

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