DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 1: True Widow

Welcome to the newest weekly feature here on DC9, called, quite aptly, I think, DC9 in SPACE.

(Pause for effect.)

The concept is pretty simple: Every Wednesday night, we're inviting a different act to play at Hal Samples' SPACE Studio for an intimate, filmed performance. And it'll be shot however the act wants, really--as standard a set-up or as creative a performance as the act can conjure within the confines of the room(s). Then, each following Wednesday, we'll have the edited-down performance posted here on DC9 for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see by this premiere episode, which was shot last week and features True Widow's "stonegaze" sounds (their words, not ours, although, dammit, we shoulda hit on that one), it makes for a good time--and a great video, too.

Oh, and get ready for more of these, which you'll be able to attend if you want...

Episode 2, actually, is already in the can, as, last night, Doug Burr and Glen Farris trekked down I-35 to take part in a filming. You'll see the fruits of that labor next Wednesday.

And, next Wednesday night? We'll be doing it again, with a band from San Francisco called Tartufi that's already booked to play SPACE. Stop on by. Or stop on by any Wednesday night after that (we'll hook you up with the specific time details each week) for another performance. One trick, though: After next week's show, we're won't be announcing who's playing--just confirming that it's on. Why? Partially because we're trying to emphasize the experience of the intimate performance and interview and partially because, well, we like keeping secrets.

I can promise you, however, each week will be a treat.

Update: As promised, here's a second helping of video from the same True Widow taping, with even more interviews with the band.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.