DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 10: Astronautalis

...and for the more Youtube-inclined, here's your link.

Last week, a real treat for those who've been making the weekly trek to SPACE Studio for our DC9 in SPACE tapings: Indie hip-hop and freestyle mindblower, Astronautalis dropped by for, well, what turned out to be quite the paean to all things America and Deep Ellum. 

The result? Probably the most bizarre, patriotic and utterly random DC9 in SPACE taping yet. Totally cool, though--it made for some great footage. Check it out for yourself in the, well, pretty topical clip above.

You'll see what I mean. Just watch.

Oh, and tonight? Yet another weekly DC9 in SPACE taping, par for course as it's a Wednesday and all. It starts at 7:30, so come on by 2814 Main St. in Deep Ellum if you wanna participate. As for who's playing? Well, this much I can guarantee: There's bound to be a smile or two in the room...

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