DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 12: Chameleon Chamber Group

...and for those of you of the Youtube persuasion, your link is right here.

Last week's guest at DC9 in SPACE were Paul Slavens, Audrey Easley, Tamara Cauble and Rachel Yoder, who, when their powers combine, join to form the neo-classical electro-chamber orchestral outfit Chameleon Chamber Group. Unsurprisingly, at least on the surface, it was the most formal taping we've yet seen at SPACE Studio--thanks in large part to the wigs and attire worn by the group's classically trained players. Of course, that all got unhinged a bit toward the end, when the band performed--for only the second time, turns out--a live remix to a classical take from Carmen.

The moral of the story? Don't judge books by their covers. For instance: This ragtag outfit wasn't scared to openly call itself a cover band. Or to talk about sex on camera. Or to proudly boast that it just might be "the hardest drinking band in Dallas."

And they did it all in the company of children and clowns--because, that's just how Chameleon Chamber Group rolls, I guess. And you thought the metal scene was hard.

Anyway, check out the above and see all this for yourself. And, next week? We'll get back to our regular Wednesday posting schedule, promise.

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