DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 13: Telegraph Canyon

...and for the relics still stuck on Youtube, here's your link.

On its upcoming album, The Tide and The Current (set for an August 18 release), Telegraph Canyon pushes itself far beyond the "promising" tag it had dutifully earned with its 2006 full-length, All The Good News. Indeed, the new disc, produced by Centro-matic's Will Johnson in Austin, is a soul-bearing, deliberately paced, at-once epic and restrained force, beautifully arranged both in its instrumentation and in its vocal harmonies. A surefire contender for best area release of 2009, the disc more than solidifies the band's rightful place among the region's best.

So it was with great pleasure then, that, even after a Dallas Observer Music Awards-filled week in which we saw not one, but two performances from the band, we welcomed the Fort Worth band back to Dallas again last Wednesday night for the 13th taping of our ongoing DC9 in SPACE series.

It was an eventful night, for certain, filled with both frustration (which is shown pretty much immediately in the above clip) and accidental good fortune (check out the improvised freestyle atop the band's performance of "Old Dark Hymns" that closes out this week's installment). And that's saying nothing of the candlelit performance the band offered. Or the band's strolling performance through Deep Ellum--the band's first time walking and playing, the members swore, although you'd never guess it from the footage.

We'll have a feature on the band and its impressive new release in our print edition in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, check out the above video. It should tide you over quite well, I think. No pun intended, I promise.

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Pete Freedman
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