DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 14: Robert Jones

They may be young, but the music that Caleb Jones (19, drums and vocals), Robert Hudson (19, guitar) and A.J. Durham (17, bass). make together as Robert Jones hardly sounds immature. If anything, it sounds wise well beyond its years, blending elements of psychedelic, stoner and indie rock into an at-times jammy, but never boring, drone made all the more interesting thanks to Caleb's compelling, high-pitched, often slurred vocals.

And, last week, when the band stopped through to perform at our weekly DC9 in SPACE taping (fresh off its first ever tour of the west coast--you'll see some of that footage in the above clip, too), the band certainly didn't come off as wide-eyed. In fact, if anyone did, it was the crowd that gathered to see whatever band we were throwing its way that week.

The result? A DC9 in SPACE taping as its supposed to be done, in its purest, non-gimmicky form, with a band performing and an impressed audience eagerly tossing questions the band's way during the discussing. Why was the crowd so compelled to particpate actively in last week's conversation? Surely the above clip will answer should query. So, please, check it out.

And, on that note, feel free stop by SPACE Studio (2814 Main St.) tonight at 9 o'clock for yet another taping in the series, featuring another one of the region's finest players.

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Pete Freedman
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