DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 15: Robert Gomez

...and if it's the YouTube you want, then, by god, it's YouTube you get.

Good luck picking out each of the instruments at work in this week's video.

Along with the pair of guitars he'd play that night, Robert Gomez rolled into SPACE for last Wednesday night's taping followed by Heather Test, Jesse Chandler and Buffi Jacobs, who wrangled a cello, French horn, omnichord, melodica, glockenspiel and a typewriter.

Bringing all these elements togehter in an acoustic setting isn't easy, but they gotten the room figured out well in time for the song at the end of the video, when the patchwork of sounds all works just right. Throw in the splashes of color projected across the band, and Gomez's songs create a powerful mood -- broken just for a moment here when SPACE dog Cash has a few words for the horn.

As for this week's taping of DC9 in SPACE, we'll be keeping the streak alive tonight at SPACE Studio (2814 Main St.) tonight at 8 o'clock, where another standout local artist will be joining us for a little music and conversation.

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